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About Us
ART ALIVE is a cultural association based in Austria. It is a community of creators – dancers, choreographers, musicians, singers, photographers, filmmakers and other creative people. We give life to projects with a cultural emphasis through performances, installations and educational programs. Our goal is to reach out to people across the world. We can be seen thereby as more of a platform that builds projects internationally. As a team we strive to be flexible and adaptable in our work. It is important for us to take into account diverse realities coming from each one of us, within and without. We want to create mechanisms to leave the societies we meet in our way with an altered point of view.
Our contacts with various companies and art houses are maintained on a long-term basis with the intention of developing a high-quality and in-depth collaboration. Our multidisciplinary work realizes itself in diverse art houses and places, which is a source of inspiration for us. Today we create in a theatre, tomorrow it could be somewhere else, but our delivery will always have a meaningful impact for us and those around us.

The principles through which our work is conceived and brought to life are most human and ordinary, and as such concern each and every one of us, no matter the profession, origin, age, gender, political inclination, religion or other distinctions.
It is important for us that our work - its concept, theme, project selection, and the very artistic delivery itself - brings us closer to people. We want to create a connection with the entities present, as well as open up this space to mirror and connect with our own selves, to experience self-awareness and moment presence. In the realms of society, culture and philosophy, our aim is to bridge the distance between ourselves and the audience. All this through the enjoyment of art. Our work is not ours and it is not about us, it is given to us by the space and all of its reality that was, is, and will be. What our work provokes in you, thus, belongs to you and you only.
It is our intention to accept what we are today and from there on to look onto the complexities and different perspectives of life. At the same time and not paradoxically, we find that the pathway to have vision beyond what are our own preconceived ideas is, first and foremost, to be forever listeners, deep listeners – of frequencies, wavelengths and energies.
One of the intentions of ART ALIVE’s work is to function as a channel while supporting one´s path in all its diversities and transitions with the approach of transcending into a better self with acknowledging that we are enough of who we are, rather than guiding to ideologies about what is life and its truth. We want to avoid being passive observers, but rather be active listeners of our experiences from the past and our present reality, to be able to take responsibility for the future. By looking inside ourselves for impulses and recognizing signs from outside´s daily life, we are not anymore victims of our restrictive patterns provoked by society, culture, education and other causes. We think that awareness, honesty and an objective vision on reality are ways to transcend.
We look for mechanisms that remain sustainable and free, that never die or get old. We look for mechanisms that don’t close tight on a view but rather are a generator of thought.
We actively want to engage in the issues affecting each of our disciplines and make it better and easier to be each of us. We want the best for our art and we want the best for our team, our families, our colleagues and collaborators; we want the best for ourselves; community starts there.
Our path is not fixed and we create our own future. In the short and long term, the change of one individual is leading a whole community to transform.

Besides performing arts, we also develop educational programs, which provides workshops in the form of masterclasses by leading artists in different techniques of contemporary dance and other domains. These workshops are planned to be realized internationally once a year in different places in form of art festivals. The duration is planned to be between one and two weeks. Due to the variable place of realization, we will announce the upcoming workshop weeks a year in advance.
ART ALIVE is a platform, whose intention is to make possible to "learn through art" across the world. We truly believe that sincere education is a tool for provoking visible changes in the world. A tool for making the society a better place. Education is raising awareness. A conscious individual leads to a conscious community and this is causing a positive and long-lasting impact on society.
At the core of our project, we are presenting a channel through our work and through the organized workshops, whose approach is to inspire the participants to perceive themselves with more awareness. A self-aware person can serve its own profession in a better way, no matter the domain.


Each creation is marked by work which includes the spirit of vulnerability, sensitivity, strenght, awareness of the consciousness, awaking the subconsciousness, persistence, courage and willingness to challange a further transcendence of artistic work and of human personal being. The developement of the being is in a continuous relation to the creative process and work of the artist - whether it is about the movement, expression, creativity or any other work. 


Registered cultural association "Art Alive Kulturverein" in Graz, Austria

Aldina Michelle founded "Art Alive" in August 2016. Art Alive is developing and supporting international inter- and multidisciplinary contemporary dance art projects.





Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Aldina Topcagic, contemporary dancer, creator, producer and director of "Art Alive" gives life into the art space by exploring space and time, while connecting them with her physicality of movements and the simplicity of pure being. She is transforming the being into living art.







Aldina Michelle Topcagic is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer, producer and founder of "Art Alive. She is born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but since 2007 she is based in Austria. Aldina spent her childhood in Germany, where she started to play the piano at the age of nine. By moving back to her native country, she proceeded her artistic education in piano and music theory at the Music School in Bihac and started her dance education at the age of twelve, trained at the dance institute "PK Virus" Bihac. In the further years she proceeded her education with international choreographers like Isael Cruz Mata Rojas, Liz King, Robert Pool, etc. From 2004 she toured with the company of Dijana Jajcevic, which recieved the World Award in Modern Ballet, internationally at performances as a company member and soloist. In 2007 she moved to Austria and studied at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. During her stay in Austria, Aldina has been teaching at the University-Sportinstitute and different dance institutions in Graz. Saison 2011/2012 she performed in pieces at the opera house in Graz and the Schauspielhaus.

Aldina Michelle Topcagic is a freelance artist who danced with international choreographers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium and Cuba. 2016/2017 she was part of the production "La Rondine" under the direction of Rolando Villazon in the Oper Graz. Her performance "Timeless in Space", which premier was in March 2016 at the "Universalmuseum Joanneum Kunsthaus Graz", Austria is currently on international tour. It reached out to art houses like the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium", "Artlemo Galerie Berlin", "Musiikkitalo - Helsinki Music Center", "Fabrica de Arte Cubano" in Havana, Cuba. She created and produced her own international dance productions: "Timeless in Space", "Voice of the Silence", "Zeitlos", "Crossing Arts", "Inroots", "Living Sculpture" , "Transition" and "A Woman In Any Century". Through the interaction of spirituality and physicality, her multi-disciplinary work is marked of profundity and focused on personality. Season 2017/2018 she is performing at the Opera Graz in the production "Ragtime". In May 2017 she was announced the "Artist of the Month" by the "Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel" in Belgium. In May 2018 Aldina Michelle Topcagic is representing Austria with her solo Dance Installation "A Woman In Any Century", beyond chosen artists of eight other countries, in the European Cultural Project “To Soon to Late” onto the topic of "Remembering 1918" at BOZAR in Belgium. In June 2018 she is the producer and the artistic director of the Performance Installation "Living Sculpture" in collaboration with Joel Suarez Gomez at the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium", which is part of the performative installation "Space Series 1-10". It is reaching out to outstanding museum and art houses world-wide. In September 2018 Aldina is creating, directing and producing the performance "Transition", which is opening the "Balet Fest Sarajevo" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the galery "Novi Hram".  In June 2019 Aldina is creating and performing at the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium". In July 2019 Aldina is invited to create and perform at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. 



"Timeless in Space" is a Contemporary Dance Performance which is based on the philosophy "Art Alive".


On top: "Timeless in Space" at The Museum of Modern Art "Kunsthaus" Graz, Austria, March 2016. Performer Aldina Michelle Topcagic. Photography: Andrea Copony

At end: "Crossing Mediuns-The Beginning" at the Goethe Institute in Helsinki, Finland, October 2016, Producer: Rigulio Graak, Performer: Aldina Michelle Topcagic