Philosophy: Concept "Art Alive"

"Art Alive" is a philosophy which was developed by Aldina Michelle Topcagic. The focus is in approaching the truthfulness in artistic work by awaking the subconsciousness and raising the awarness of the consciousness. The base of the concept is to reach the innermost being, the root of inspiration through the spirit, body and mind.  

The interaction happens with different fields of immaterial and material art: in dance of the soloist, in interaction within the group, as part of an exhibition in museum or gallery, in movement, in simplicity transmitting the concept and philosophy in transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity of music, sound and vocal design, psychology, literature and visual arts such as film & video design, architecture, product design and painting.

Each creation is marked by passionate work, which includes the spirit of vulnerability, sensitivity, strenght, awareness of the consciousness, awaking the subconsciousness, persistence, courage and willingness to challange a further transcendence of artistic work and of human personal being. The developement of the innermost being is in a continuous relation to the creative process and work of the artist - whether it is about the movement, expression, creativity or any other work.

"Art Alive" can be reflected onto material art as well.  


Official registered institution "Art Alive"

Aldina Michelle founded "Art Alive" in August 2016. Art Alive is developing and supporting contemporary dance art projects internationally


Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Contemporary artistic performer Aldina Topcagic, international dancer, producer and director of "Art Alive" gives life into the art space by exploring space and time, while connecting them with her physicality of movements and the simplicity of pure being. She is transforming the being into living art and the space into an exhibition.







Aldina Michelle Topcagic is a contemporary dancer and founder of "Art Alive". She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aldina spent her childhood in Germany, where she started to play the piano at the age of nine. By moving back to her native country, she proceeded her artistic education in piano and music theory at the Music School in Bihac and started her dance education at the age of twelve, trained by choreographer and dance coach Dijana Jajcevic at the dance institute "PK Virus" Bihac. In the further years she proceeded her education at IGTanz Stmk and with international choreographers like Isael Cruz Mata, Liz King, Robert Pool and companies like "Constanza Makras - Dorky Park", "Ultima Vez - Wim Vandekeybus". From 2004 she toured with the company of Dijana Jajcevic, which recieved the World Award in Modern Ballet, internationally at performances as a company member and soloist. In 2007 she moved to Austria and studied at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. There she was an ensemble member of the dance company "Tanzauftrag" from 2009 - 2012, touring with Contemporary Dance, African Dance and Capoeira. During her stay in Austria, Aldina has been teaching at the University-Sportinstitute and different dance institutions in Graz. Saison 2011/2012 she performed in pieces at the opera house in Graz and the Schauspielhaus. 2012/2013 she was dancing at IGTanz Stmk with int. choreographers. 

Her passion for dance led her into the field of traditional Cuban Salsa combined with African dance and percussion music, where she focused on body isolations and the root of movement impulses.  Aldina Michelle is a freelance Artist who danced with international choreographers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium and Cuba. 2016/2017 she was part of the production "La Rondine" under the direction of Rolando Villazon in the Oper Graz as a freelancer dancer. Her performance "Timeless in Space", which premier was in March 2016 at the "Universalmuseum Joanneum Kunsthaus Graz", Austria is currently on international tour and reached out to art houses like the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium", "Artlemo Galerie Berlin", "Musiikkitalo - Helsinki Music Center". Her recent performance of "Timeless in Space", together with Isael Cruz Mata Rojas and the local based dancers in Havana, took place at the "Fabrica de Arte Cubano" in Cuba in April 2017. Her own productions are "Timeless in Space", "Voice of the Silence", "Crossing Arts", "Inroots", "Living Sculpture" and "Transition". Through the interaction of spirituality and physicality, her multi-disciplinary  work is marked of profundity and focused on personality. Season 2017/2018 she is performing at the Opera Graz in the production "Ragtime". In May 2017  she was announced the "Artist of the Month" by the "Östereichisches Kulturforum Brüssel" in Belgium. In 2018 Aldina Michelle Topcagic is representing Austria, beyond eight other countries, in an European Cultural Project onto the topic of "Remembering 1918" at BOZAR in Belgium.


"Timeless in Space" is a Contemporary Dance Performance which is based on the philosophy "Art Alive".


On top: "Timeless in Space" at The Museum of Modern Art "Kunsthaus" Graz, Austria, March 2016. Performer Aldina Michelle Topcagic. Photography: Andrea Copony

At end: "Crossing Mediuns-The Beginning" at the Goethe Institute in Helsinki, Finland, October 2016, Producer: Rigulio Graak, Performer: Aldina Michelle Topcagic