Art Alive in collaboration with

Joel Suarez Gomez


Joel Suárez Gómez was born in Holguín, Cuba. Already at the age of 9, he began dancing at the Escuela Elemental de Ballet Alejo Carpentier and completed his education at the Escuela Nacional de Ballet de la Habana in the subjects of classical ballet, Cuban modern and folklore respectively. After that, he danced at the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) and worked with Alicia Alonso, Loipa Araujo, Aurora Bosh, Azari Plisetski, Lázaro Carreño, Fernando Pi and Goyo Montero. He left the BNC in 2008 to perform as a soloist in the national Cuban company Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (DCC). He worked there with Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, George Céspedes, Mats Ek, Ana Laguna and Rafael Bonachela. He also participated in workshops and performances by Juan Kruz, Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, for whom he worked as an assistant and in whose piece "Casi" he also danced. During his time at the DCC, Joel Suárez Gómez toured in Cuba, Latin America, the USA, Australia and Europe, and also appeared in art houses such as Gran Teatro de La Habana, Auditorium Nacional de Mexico, Theater Opera in Bydgoski Poland, Sadler's Wells Theater, Mercat de Les Flors, the Teatro Real de Madrid and the Joyce Theater. He gave Body Technique workshops at the DCC and Dance School Havana. In the last few years, his artistic interest also led him to pursue new paths parallel to the dance. He was invited among others to the 11th "Bienal de Artes Plásticas de La Habana". Joel has had worked with Sasha Waltz since 2013. Joel Suarez was the co-creator and the artistic co-director of the dance  and music production "Inroots", which had its premier in Graz, Austria in April 2018. In May 2018 he was the artistic co-director and performer of the project "Living Sculpture" at the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium". Together with Aldina Michelle Topcagic, he is the creator of the Performative Dialog "Space Series 1-10", which is reaching out to outstandig museums and art houses  world-wide.