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"Having experienced childhood war trauma and displacement myself, including being a war refugee in Germany and later resettling in a new area of Bosnia, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to utilize my experiences from both the arts and my personal healing journey abroad to support those in my community who are suffering from war trauma.


The combined approach of transgenerational trauma therapy and dance movement has proven to be a powerful tool for accessing participants' subconscious and releasing deep-seated emotional blockages. Given that the effects of transgenerational trauma therapy extend not only to participants but also to their family members, Art Alive´s workshops on personal development serve multiple generations within a family. The workshops are open to all individuals interested in mental health, with past participants ranging from young individuals to psychologists who can apply the adapted knowledge in their professional practice.


Art Alvie’s projects in BiH include providing professional contemporary dance opportunities, along with initiatives focused on fostering understanding and empathy among individuals regarding post-conflict themes, empowerment through movement - by recognizing that our experiences are stored in our bodies, and transgenerational trauma healing. We believe that personal development is linked to artistic growth, and that the transformative power of art has a responsibility to address societal issues, raise awareness, and drive change."


By Art Alive´s director, Aldina Topcagic.


"Hidden Treasures"  

a workshop focused on metal health

with Dorothe Janssens de Bisthoven and Aldina Topcagic 


We are presenting feedback received by our artistic director, Aldina Topcagic, from the "Hidden Treasures" self-development workshop that took place in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 23rd. The workshop was co-led by Dorothee Janssens de Bisthoven and Aldina Topcagic.


Acknowledging that traumatic experiences, whether from war, displacement, violence, or other significant or seemingly "small" traumas, can profoundly impact one's mental health, relationships, family dynamics, and parenting, while potentially being transmitted across multiple generations, Art Alive took the initiative to provide a workshop on self-development with a primary focus on healing intergenerational trauma.


The transmission of trauma across generations is a complex process influenced by various factors. While it can persist for several generations, it is possible to break the cycle through intervention and mental health programs. This workshop represents a small but meaningful step toward healing, recognizing that societal change begins with each individual.When it comes to art, we truly believe that artistic expression is in relation to one's personal experiences and development. 



 Hidden Treasures

Seminar for personal development

23. September 2023

from 11:00 untill 18:00

at Atelje Ismet Mujezinovic, Tuzla, BiH


Art Alive Cultural Association has been creating and producing international cultural projects since 2016. Our initiatives are based on creating interdisciplinary artistic work, including contemporary dance, music, singing, exhibitions, architecture, and various other creative expressions. Throughout this journey, we've collaborated with different individuals, creating synergies. The beauty of those collaborations is always connected with the unique expression of the individual - with the creative oasis of human beings, that some of us are living and some of us are hiding. One could say, they are covering the “hidden treasures”.


Personally, I believe that one's life journey, professional choices, and artistic expressions are in relation with one's self-development. Since our generation, along with others, are regularly confronted with new challenges in both personal and professional life, an attitude of natural curiosity and playfulness could be helpful to raise our connection with creativity. At the same time self-reflection and awareness raising seem to be a smart way for fostering further growth aligned with your passions.

In the realm of dance and movement, I believe that letting go some of our deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs which we have absorbed since generations (most probably imposed by history, socialization, familial heritage and origins, religious or cultural beliefs, political structures, and more…) – can open up space for an improvement and important shift e.g., in the quality of movement and self-expression that is freeing and transcendent. Authenticity develops by liberating old beliefs and by clearing our mind and body as well as our biographic memory. All individuals, no matter their profession, strive to create a space of their unique self-expression.


To be better able to finally let go of hidden and hindering patterns and beliefs we must take action!


It's possible to take a look at why one has chosen a particular (personal or professional) path and to find out more about the amount of effort one is investing on his path. Why does a specific area of life not flow effortlessly? And what if this is in direct relation with our movement? What if our pursuit of ease combines different kinds of obstacles? Have you ever heard the expression "he/she moves so effortlessly"? It is time to get ready and prepare to confront what may be hidden behind the curtain of our “life stage”.

This year Art Alive intends to open a space that provides an idea about how to look behind scenes, to take a look at your personal “backstage”, and to explore who might have taken over the leading role in your life without your permission, without significant results, nor benefit or personal wellbeing.

Using various approaches such as systemic constellations (with their deep wisdom about transgenerational dynamics), body-oriented methods as SE (somatic experiencing), EFT (emotional freedom technique), and mindfulness we can have a look upon our "inner stage of life" and ideas about ourselves.

This unique perspective, an externalized inner scenario, fosters an awareness of what may lie hidden, neglected, or overemphasized. At the same time, it empowers positioning of your authentic and strong “self”, it supports awareness about your self-determination, and it may resolve and untangle loyalties towards diverse, suboptimal functioning, and ancient principles. It can ease steps towards progress, motion, connectedness, and visibility.

With this in mind, I've decided to accompany the professional movement training with a strong input that boosts self-development and self-reflection. For this occasion, Art Alive has invited a master in this field, Dorothee Janssens de Bisthoven, gathering more than twenty years of expertise in the psychosocial field and transgenerational dynamics. More about Dorothee please find in the invitation attached. 


We are offering the unique opportunity to participate in a one-day workshop “Hidden Treasures” with Dorothee from Germany, hosted at the artistic atelier "Atelje Ismet Mujezinovic" in the city of Tuzla.



Date: Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Time: 11:00 - 14:00 h (break), 15:00 - 18:00 h

Location: Atelje Ismet Mujezinovic, Klosterska bb, Tuzla

Participation fee: 30KM. The participation amount of 30KM is possible due to support by Tuzla Community Foundation. If you know someone who would like to participate, but has limited financial resources, please contact us - Art Alive will provide a sponsorship for participation. 

Refreshments: fruits, nuts, drinks, and finger foods will be provided

Open to: All individuals interested in self-development & self-reflection.

Registration: first-come first-served basis, send an email to:

Language: English/German with Bosnian translation


Summary of the events:

> 25.-29.9. Guest choreographer from Belgium Cruz Isael Mata will be teaching "Flying Into Gravity Skills" at the Sarajevo National Theatre

> 25.-29.9. Evening program at the Sarajevo National Theatre: organized by the Balet Fest Sarajevo led by choreographer Edina Papo. Program tba at

> Art Alive plans to host a Creative Lab - a motivational & inspirational exchange with guest artists (more information: tba soon).

> 23.9. Seminar for self-development “Hidden Treasures” with guest Dorothee Janssens de Bisthoven from Germany.


In line with Art Alive's motto "from body to mind, from mind to body" I wish each of you to continually be moving bit by bit closer to your true self.


All the best,

Aldina Topcagic