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"Having experienced childhood war trauma and displacement myself, including being a war refugee in Germany and later resettling in a new area of Bosnia, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to utilize my experiences from both the arts and my personal healing journey abroad to support those in my community who are suffering from war trauma.


The combined approach of transgenerational trauma therapy and dance movement has proven to be a powerful tool for accessing participants' subconscious and releasing deep-seated emotional blockages. Given that the effects of transgenerational trauma therapy extend not only to participants but also to their family members, Art Alive´s workshops on personal development serve multiple generations within a family. The workshops are open to all individuals interested in mental health, with past participants ranging from young individuals to psychologists who can apply the adapted knowledge in their professional practice.


Art Alvie’s projects in BiH include providing professional contemporary dance opportunities, along with initiatives focused on fostering understanding and empathy among individuals regarding post-conflict themes, empowerment through movement - by recognizing that our experiences are stored in our bodies, and transgenerational trauma healing. We believe that personal development is linked to artistic growth, and that the transformative power of art has a responsibility to address societal issues, raise awareness, and drive change."


By Art Alive´s director, Aldina Topcagic.



Hidden Treasues Worshop

Personal growth of the individual for security in society


Art Alive Cultural Association invites you to the second edition of the “Hidden Treasures” workshop in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We believe in the transformative power of art and the importance of mental health. Our goal is to foster self-empowerment and raise self-awareness through personal growth within group work. Unpleasant past experiences and trauma can create blockages in our energetic, physical, and creative body, affecting daily life and interpersonal relationships.
Reflecting on these experiences can lead to disentanglement and release your creative power.


To uncover hidden, hindering patterns and beliefs, we must take action to discover our “hidden treasures”!
Through various approaches, such as creative art therapy, systemic constellations & rituals, body-oriented methods like movement, somatic experiencing (SE), emotional freedom technique (EFT), and training of full presence (mindfulness), we can get in touch with our background. This unique way of approaching oneself utilises a given space and the solidarity and support of a group. Externalizing a very personal, inner “scenario” can foster awareness of what may be hidden, neglected or overemphasized in life.
It empowers you to provide enough space for your authentic and strong self, build confidence, support your determination, and change suboptimal pattern (of e.g. thinking, feeling, behaving) and ancient principles. This can ease steps toward improvement, connectedness, freedom, courage, and visibility.


Studies have shown positive outcomes for those, who engage in professionally guided self-reflection and self-embodiment experience in a group-setting. With the systemic approach we emphasize on inclusion, diversity, emancipation, and participation! Art Alive has invited a master in this field, Dorothee Janssens de Bisthoven, who has more than twenty years of expertise in the psychosocial field and transgenerational dynamics. Together with movement artist and choreographer Aldina Topcagic, she will lead a two-day workshop hosted at the gallery “Atelje Ismeta Mujezinovic” in Tuzla.


All individuals strive to create a space for unique self-expression. In line with Art Alive's motto "from body to mind, from mind to body," we wish each of you to continually move closer to your authentic self.


"Hidden Treasures"  

a workshop for personal growth

with Dorothe Janssens de Bisthoven and Aldina Topcagic 

23. September 2023

from 11:00 untill 18:00


at Atelje Ismet Mujezinovic, Tuzla, BiH


We are presenting feedback received by our artistic director, Aldina Topcagic, from the "Hidden Treasures" self-development workshop that took place in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 23rd. The workshop was co-led by Dorothee Janssens de Bisthoven and Aldina Topcagic.


Acknowledging that traumatic experiences, whether from war, displacement, violence, or other significant or seemingly "small" traumas, can profoundly impact one's mental health, relationships, family dynamics, and parenting, while potentially being transmitted across multiple generations, Art Alive took the initiative to provide a workshop on self-development with a primary focus on healing intergenerational trauma.


The transmission of trauma across generations is a complex process influenced by various factors. While it can persist for several generations, it is possible to break the cycle through intervention and mental health programs. This workshop represents a small but meaningful step toward healing, recognizing that societal change begins with each individual. When it comes to art, we truly believe that artistic expression is in relation to one's personal experiences and development.