Art Alive Cultural Association is an international organization dedicated to the development of contemporary dance art.

Our focus lies in the creation of trans- and multidisciplinary art projects that not only push artistic boundaries but also contribute to personal growth and societal development. We strive to inspire individuals and make a positive impact on society, aiming to leave a lasting legacy by improving the world through our artistic work and mental health programs.

 Contemporary Dance Performance

ART ALIVE - artistic director Aldina Topcagic

rewarded by Ministry of Austria for exdraordinary achievements in arts and culture


Article on Human Justice - Aldina Topcagic

Harvard Business School


Sarajevo Contemporary Dance Intensive 2022

at Natioanl Theatre Sarajevo

participants from 9 countries - workshops - performances - panel discussion


EU: Together for BiH!

 EU Parliament

a project initiated by Aldina Topcagic with the aim of raising awareness for the situation in BiH & Europe, calling the EU for taking action, for supporting a united BiH & Europe 




Experimental Short Film

"couch me! - a TMG project" 

A collaboration between

Aldina Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata, Dieter Michael Grohmann

recieved 7 Awards

Global Film Festival Awards Los Angeles - BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM  

Global Film Festival Awards Los Angeles - BEST INDIE FILMMAKER 

Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival NYC - BEST MOBILE FILM


International Short Film Awards - BEST PHONE SHORT FILM

Five Continents International Film Festival - BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM

South Film and Arts Academy Festival Chile - BEST ART VIDEO


16 x Officially Selected by

Cannes, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Chile, Instanbul, Athens, San Francisco, Puerto la Cruz Venezuela, Korea, Osaka

supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Paris, produced by Art Alive 



In times of narrowness and solitude the couch proves to be the center of the universe in almost every home. Spatially cornered and enriched with significantly more time, people are made to deal with their own being. In doing so, one or the other will reach their limits. What if, however, one realizes that these limits are nothing more than the call of ourselves to get to know us better, to take root, to ground us? From the interaction of madness and inner peace, a trans- and multidisciplinary art project has come alive, with which most people who have experienced solitude all over the world can identify.

Winners of Global Film Festival Awards Los Angeles:


 Film & Performative Dialog



Concept, Artistic Director: Aldina Topcagic, Film Production: Dieter Michael Grohmann

Dance artist: Fabio Bergaglio, Choreography Assistant: Cruz Isael Mata Rojas

Music: William Garfield Walker, Ousmane, Protagonists: Maddy, Mel

Location: Balthasar Brussels, produced by: Art Alive

supportet by: GRAWE & Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels

Award Winner




How much of our daily life is being controlled, led, or manipulated? Are our opinions, decisions, and actions our own or are they simply products that are co-created by the systems we live in. We think we know something till we find out that what we used to call our truth has already been prepared for us by a force that we have had never questioned before. Where does the independence of our mind begin? And when has it been taken from us? Which harm do we cause to our society, nature, and the world by not questioning transparencies?

Are we going to stay passive viewers – marionettes, or are we going to create consciously our now, so we could actively build a better future and become an influential part of history? 



Graz, Austria - Berlin, Germany - Helsinki, Finland - Brussels, Belgium - Havana, Cuba 

Publications & press release

Dance Art Exhibition

The art of existing

 „Where is courage, there is no fear of vulnerability. Where is no fear of vulnerability, there is an open space for reflection.“


                                             - Aldina Topcagic


"Watching you being your true self, makes me be more myself."

                                             - Oprah Winfrey 


"Becoming human is an art."

                                              - Novalis 




Aldina M. Topcagic - Artist of the Month

"Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel"


May 2017