Art Alive Cultural Association is dedicated to the development of contemporary dance art.

Our focus lies in the creation of trans- and multidisciplinary art projects that not only push artistic boundaries but also contribute to personal growth and societal development. We strive to inspire individuals and make a positive impact on society, aiming to leave a lasting legacy by improving the world through our artistic work and personal growth programs.

Founder and artistic director

Aldina Topcagic

rewarded by Ministry of Austria for exdraordinary achievements in arts and culture


Through their performance, they enhance visitors' perception, stimulating their senses. Individuals in the space transform from passive observers into interactive participants, becoming an integral part of both the exhibited space and the artwork.


Article on crime against humanity - Aldina Topcagic

presented at

Harvard Business School & EU Parliament Brussels

Sarajevo Contemporary Dance Intensive 2022 & 2023

at National Theatre Sarajevo

participants from 9 countries - workshops - performances - panel discussion

 "Hidden Treasures"

workshop on personal growth

 EU: Together for BiH!

 EU Parliament

Aldina Topcagic's initiative, dedicated to raising awareness about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina & Europe, urging the EU to take action and support the unity of BiH & Europe.


 Film awards

Experimental Short Film "couch me! " 

Aldina Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata, Dieter Michael Grohmann

 Seven awards for best short film & best director

New York City (2x), Los Angeles (2x), Istanbul, Puerto la Cruz Venezuela, Chile

co-produced by Austrian Cultural Forum Paris


In times of narrowness and solitude the couch proves to be the center of the universe in almost every home. Spatially cornered and enriched with an abundance time, individuals are compelled to confront their own existence. Some may find themselves pushed to their limits. What if, however, one realizes that these limits are nothing more than the call of ourselves to get to know us better, to establish roots, to ground ourselves? From the interaction of madness, chaos and inner peace, a trans- and multidisciplinary art project has blossomed - a resonant reflection that speaks to individuals worldwide who have experienced solitude.

  Film & Performative Dialog



Concept, Artistic Director: Aldina Topcagic

Film Production: Dieter Michael Grohmann

Dance artist: Fabio Bergaglio

Music: William Garfield Walker, Ousmane

Location: Balthasar Brussels


Award Winner: Best Director



How much autonomy do we truly have in our daily lives? Are our thoughts, decisions, and actions genuinely ours, or are they molded by the systems that surround us? Our perceived truths may, in fact, be prepackaged by forces we've never questioned. Where does the independence of our minds originate, and when did it slip away? What societal, environmental, and global consequences arise when we fail to question the transparency around us? Will we remain passive observers, mere puppets, or will we deliberately shape our present to construct a more impactful future and actively contribute to shaping history?

 "Space Series"

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

 "Timeless in Space"

Graz, Austria - Berlin, Germany - Helsinki, Finland - Brussels, Belgium - Havana, Cuba 


 „Where is courage, there is no fear of vulnerability. Where is no fear of vulnerability, there is an open space for reflection.“


"Be so vulnerable that behind your truth is nothing left but strentght."

                                             - Aldina Topcagic



"Watching you being your true self, makes me be more myself."

                                             - Oprah Winfrey 



"Try and leave this word a little better than you found it:"

                                              - Robert Baden-Powell