" Through art to humanity 


"My artistic work mainly relates to people and is always characterized by a social aspect. Human being - its fundamental existence and its interpersonal relationships."


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 Contemporary Dance Performance

ART ALIVE - Aldina Michelle Topcagic


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Graz, Austria - Berlin, Germany - Helsinki, Finland - Brussels, Belgium - Havana, Cuba 


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Dance Art Exhibition

Contemporary Art of Being

"Artistic work starts inside of yourself. Art is pure being in time and space."  


„Where is courage, there is no fear of vulnerability. Where is no fear of vulnerability, there is an open space for reflection.“


                                             - Aldina Michelle Topcagic


"Watching you being your true self, makes me be more myself."

                                             - Oprah Winfrey 


"Becoming human is an art."

                                              - Novalis 




Aldina Michelle Topcagic - Artist of the Month

"Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel"


May 2017