Performative Dialog

reffering to exhibition "HOME SWEET HOME" by Olaf Osten

Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria, February 2023

Performative Intervention: Aldina Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata

A project initiatated by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 



Performative Dialog

reffering to exhibition "HOME SWEET HOME" by Olaf Osten

Sarajevo, Vilsonovo setaliste

Performative Intervention: Aldina Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata

Supported by: Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Austrian Cultural Forum Sarajevo



Museum Installation - Performative Dialog

"Space Series 1-10"

A collaboration between

Aldina Topcagic and Joel Suarez Gomez


Art Alive - Aldina Topcagic (BiH/At) and Artist Joel Suarez Gomez (Cu/De) are creating a unique performative dialog, which relates to the existing artwork in the museum. It is a transformation of material art (paints, sculptures, visual installations, etc.) into living art, through Performance, Dance, and live Music. It is highly important for them to remain open and ever listening to what the space, the existing artwork inside and every layer of reality in the room are giving as a form of inspiration and creativity, instead of pursuing preconceived ideas on what is creative and original to them. 

The artists are a channel between the material artwork and each visitor. With their performance, they are increasing the perception of the visitors, while stimulating their senses of vision, hearing, smell, touch, balance, thermoception, sensuality and internal senses. Those are reaching out to the subconsciousness and the consciousness of each individual so that the visitor of the museum experiences artwork in a new dimension.

The understanding and the impression of the artwork reaches a new level - this is achieved by activating the exteroceptive and interoceptive senses at the same time. The people in the space are not anymore only outstanding viewers, but they become an interactive part of the exhibited space and the artwork.


More about the visitors experiences and an impression of the premier at the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium" can be found below. 


"Space Series" at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium 

5.6.2019 at 16:00 and 18:30


Aldina Topcagic, Joel Suarez Gomez, William Garfield Walker & Tetiana Miyus 


Artistic Director: Aldina Topcagic 

Creation, Performance: Aldina Topcagic, Joel Suarez Gomez

Soprano Soloist: Tetiana Miyus

Music: William Garfield Walker

Film, Editing: Anna-Maria Montonen

Light Design: Aldina Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata

Production: Art Alive

Co-Production: Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Supported by

Austrian Embassy Brussels - Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel

Federal Chancellery of Austria - Arts and Culture Division / BKA Kunst & Kultur

Land Steiermak, Kultur, Europa & Außenbeziehungen

Premier of "Space Series 1-10"

"Living Sculpture“ in Belgium

at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium 

Art Alive by Aldina Topcagic in collaboration with Joel Suarez Gomez and William Walker

“Living Sculpture” is a dance art installation by the contemporary dance artists and producers Aldina Topcagic and Joel Suarez Gomez.
The artists will present living art, through dance movements and their pure being, accompanied with a music art installation by the cello musician and conductor William Garfield WalkerTogether the three artists will connect material with immaterial art, while resonating onto the existing neo-classical art works of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. The event will take place on Sunday the 3th of June 2018 at 4:00 p.m.


This performance is an initiative of the Royal Museums' Maecenas Circle in the context of the recent purchase of the neoclassical painting "The Abduction of Europe" (1810) by Pierre-Joseph Célestin.


Details and Tickets:

Photocredit: ÖKF 

Photocredit: Franck Christen



"I thank you again very much for Sunday. The show was magnificent.

Living sculpture ... that's exactly it, the dancers took shape in the decor, in the paintings. Their performances were in resonance. They were coming out of works of art ... it was magic. Very nice proofreading of the neoclassical rooms thanks to them and the cellist.

I had a great time. Thank you for your creativity."

- Specialist Contemporary Art Department, Carline Gentsch

06. June 2018, Brussels 


"I would like to thank you again Aldina Topcagic, Joel Suarez Gomez and William Walker. Thank you for your fantastic Performance on the 3th of June in the hall of neoclassical art. Relating to the Applause, which lasted 2 minutes without interruption, the Performance "Living Sculpture" touched the audience very much. I especially liked that it was not just a demonstration in the museum, but that it was about the works of the museum physically and musically express. The echoes produced were very intense and clear to the audience. I was also very pleased about our cooperation. You are all very generous and professional in your commitment.

The royal museums would like to work with ArtAlive in the near future."

- Curator Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, Christine Ayoub

07. June 2018, Brussels


"The dancers and the cellist dazzled us during the performance of the month of June.

They danced slowly, to the rhythm of the improvisation of the cello, in the hall of the museum and in the neo-classicism hall.

 It's as if the dancers engage in a dialogue with the characters in the paintings, giving them life and participating in their story.

For a moment, the gods and the allegories of the paintings came out of their frame and came to materialize in front of our eyes, breathing and embracing in a musical impulse.

Europe escaped from the flood and Marat murdered returned.

The slow, improvised rhythm of the music created a harmony between the dancers and the paintings.

It was a unique moment that filled us".


- Delphine Berryer, Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

07. June 2018, Brussels


“The Belgian and international audience and the museum curators were thrilled and fascinated by this art project. Together, the three artists performed at the exhibition spaces of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium – inspired by and incorporating neoclassical works. Therefore the unique experience of connecting material with immaterial art emerged. Flowing movements are reminiscent of “living statues” and together with the music opens up a possibility to perceive art in a new dimension. The music was based on composing in present time, primarily in the avant-garde style. Walker also incorporates elements from ancient Greek music, inspired by some fragments by Bach. “Living Sculpture” is recommended by the Austrian Cultural Department of the Austrian Embassy: the dance and music performance could be performed in front of all sorts of artworks. The artists refer to the artwork and adapt their performance to the given conditions in space. It was a very pleasant cooperation with the very professional, adaptable and sympathetic artists.”


- Austrian Embassy in Brussels, Anna Lischka 

04. June 2018, Brussels

Space Series in Austria

at Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill

06.04.2019, Graz

Real Time Composition by Aldina Topcagic and Joel Suarez Gomez

Duration: 1 houre

Location: Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz

Photographies: Michael Pelitz, Birgit Zimmermann, Edina Topcagic


Supported by "Land Steiermark, Kultur, Europa und Außenbeziehungen"