Opening of the Balet Fest Sarajevo


19.09.2018, 20:00 h

Galerie "Novi Hram", Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


by Aldina Michelle Topcagic

in cooperation with Nozomi Chinju, Tetiana Miyus & William Walker


"Transition" is a dance, singing and music installation produced by the contemporary dancer and producer Aldina Michelle Topčagić. It presents the transformations in the life cycle of each individual, accompanied by the desire for freedom and equality. The dancers Aldina Michelle Topcagic and Nozomi Chinju, the singer Tetiana Miyus and the musician William Garfield Walker, both inspired by the exhibited artworks in the Sarajevo gallery "Novi Hram", as well as by the visitors of the exhibition, reflect their presence in living art again. They are a channel through which auditory sounds and perceptions are transformed into visual representation.
Aldina Michelle Topčagić (Director, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer)
Nozomi Chinju (Dancer)
Tetiana Miyus (Soprano, Performer)
William Garfield Walker (Cellist, Performer)



"Transition" in Graz


“Transition” ist eine Tanz-, Gesangs- und Musikinstallation produziert von der zeitgenössischen Tänzerin und Produzentin Aldina Michelle Topcagic. Sie thematisiert die Umwandlungen im Lebensweg jedes Individuums, begleitet vom Wunsch nach Freiheit und Gleichstellung. 

Die Tänzerinnen Aldina Michelle Topcagic und Nozomi Chinju, die Sängerin Tetiana Miyus und der Musiker William Garfield Walker, lassen sich sowohl von den ausgestellten Kunstwerken in der „Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill“, als auch von den Besuchern der Ausstellung, inspirieren und spiegeln ihre Präsenz in lebendiger Kunst wieder. 

Sie sind ein Kanal, durch den auditive Klänge und Wahrnehmungen in visuelle Darstellung transformiert werden. 

Mit „Transition“ wird das diesjährige „Balet Fest Sarajevo“ in Bosnien und Herzegowina am 19. September, eröffnet. In Graz ist die Intervention am 21., 22. und 23. September, jeweils um 20:00 Uhr, bei freiem Eintritt zu sehen. 

„Transition“ ist eine Produktion in Kooperation mit der „Österreichischen Botschaft Sarajewo“, dem „Land Steiermark, Kultur, Europa und Außenbeziehungen“, „Art Alive Kulturverein“ und der „Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill“.


Datum: 21., 22., 23.9.2018 

Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr 

Dauer: ca. 40 Minuten 

Adresse: Opernring 7, 8010 Graz 

Freier Eintritt



Aldina Michelle Topcagic – Produzentin, Tänzerin (Bosnien&Herzegowina, Österreich) 

Nozomi Chinju – Tänzerin (Japan, Österreich) 

Tetiana Miyus –  Sopranistin (Ukraine, Österreich)

William Garfield Walker - Cellist (USA, Österreich)


Press conference video at the National Theatre Sarajevo


Artistic Director and producer Aldina Michelle Topcagic is talking about her Intention of creating "Transition", Soprano Solist Tetiana Miyus talks about the contribution of us as artists in connecting countries and their relation (At and Ba), Director of the "Balet Fest Sarajevo" Mrs Edina Papo talks about the importance of honoring artists who provoke a big change in the history of ballet in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: TV Channel HAYAT



Press Conference at the National Theatre Sarajevo

Source: National TV Channel

Speech about the intention and content of the creation by the artistic director Aldina Topcagic




Photographies of the press conference 

at the National Theatre Sarajevo



Photographic results 

by Austrian Embassy Sarajevo

by Halid Kuburovic





"The Austrian Embassy Sarajevo had the pleasure to work with the very talented Aldina Michele Topcagic on the production of the dance installation “Transition”, which opened the Sarajevo Ballet Festival 2018. The performance was a contemporary and authentic expression of human life and existence in its fundamental interaction with the world reflected through the medium of dance, music and singing. The performance gripped the audience and engaged it in a dialogue that continued well beyond the performance itself, provoking it, as art should, to think and to question."

- 27.09.2018, Nina Newell, Austrian Embassy Sarajevo



"Yesterday I  experienced something unique that I have never seen before...It was not a typical performance, where artist trying to shock us. It was the performance with a specific aim-inspiration. All people in a dark, but cozy space. The performance starts very ordinarily (4 people walking chaotically in the room), but Aldina was capable to create from a simple beginning to playing with the energy of the audience. In a short time period I felt: Fear, Anxiety, Confidence, Piece of Mind  and Pleasure. The right combination of  dance, music and singing is responsible for the effects onto the viewers. The dramatic part was well thought out and well showed. I also want to pay an attention on the style and movements. Aldina is a good choreographer. The cooperation of the two dancers is worth to be seen. I should notice that the music section (voice and cello) showed  also high level professionality. There was total music harmony, which is not easy to reach.
Nevertheless, this comment would not be full, without mentioning the magnificent personality of Aldina! I can say she is a very gifted Artist with own conception, which is not like the others. I am really sure she will be the new star of all contemporary art!"
- 24.09.2018, Daniia Danevych, Graz