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Art Alive is a non-profit artist organization. "Art Alive", developed by Aldina Michelle Topcagic, which focus is approaching the truthfulness and authenticity in artistic work and personality, supports contemporary dancers and artists of contemporary art.

Multiple contemporary projects are now in process of creation and on tour. More information about each of them you can read on


Aldina Michelle´s performance “Timeless in Space” is currently invited to multiple cities world-wide.

To realize the attendance at the int. performances, to proceed the process of existing projects and to create new productions your financial support is of huge importance.


Your sponsorship will provide the dancer with financial relief and allow them to look and feel their best at practices - local, as well as out of town performances and competitions. The funds will be used specifically for the dancer’s fees, maintenance and transport costs.


Acknowledging Your Sponsorship

•    Your sponsorship will be recognized on the website (

•    Your sponsorship will be announced in an e-newsletter for the organization

  Your sponsorship will be announced on a special printed poster at the premier of productions


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our dancers and we hope you can help us to ensure that all of our dance-team members can participate by sponsoring them.  With your financial support not only will you be helping us to continue to enrich the lives of our dancers but you will be making dreams come true for them and providing them with memories and the audience with impression, which will last a lifetime.


    èHow to participate the sponsoring:

Create a regular monthly debit payer at your bank account. You decide about the amount of sponsoring.

Account Name: Aldina Topcagic

IBAN: DE 12 1001 1001 2625 2334 00  


Reference: "Art Alive"


As soon as the registration is done, we will be informed and gonna publish you as a sponsor on our website.


If you have any further questions about this letter, please contact


Best Regards,

Art Alive 



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