Film & Performative Dialog



Concept, Artistic Director: Aldina Topcagic, Film Production: Dieter Michael Grohmann

Dance artist: Fabio Bergaglio, Choreography Assistant: Cruz Isael Mata Rojas

Music: William Garfield Walker, Ousmane, Protagonists: Maddy, Mel

Location: Balthasar Brussels

produced by: Art Alive

supportet by: GRAWE & Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels


Award Winner




How much of our daily life is being controlled, led, or manipulated? Are our opinions, decisions, and actions our own or are they simply products that are co-created by the systems we live in. We think we know something till we find out that what we used to call our truth has already been prepared for us by a force that we have had never questioned before. Where does the independence of our mind begin? And when has it been taken from us? Which harm do we cause to our society, nature, and the world by not questioning transparencies?

Are we going to stay passive viewers – marionettes, or are we going to create consciously our now, so we could actively build a better future and become an influential part of history? 

Short Dance Film "Timeless"

Filmed in Central Havana, Kuba, the 8th of Mai 2017.

Artistic director, producer: Aldina Topcagic

Co -producer: Isael Cruz Mata Rojas

Performance:  Isael Mata, Miguel Alejandro Lopez Jorge, Alejandro Minoso Jimenez, Aldina Michelle Topcagic,

Contributor: Yamile Morales

Video Recording & photography; Juan Aristides Otamendi

Film & Film text: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Visual post-production: Simon Reithofer

Trailer: tbp