Interview about coaching

Das Andere Theater, Austria

August, 2015

Solo piece "Voice of the Silence"

Studiobühne, Oper Graz

März, 2014

Exploring "Timeless in Space" in the studio, Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin

27. Mai 2016

The work is based on how to bring the Project "Timeless in Space" from the museum, gallery or any art space into the studio or theatre. What is the space of the studio doing with the performer? What does the energy of the room need.


Contemporary Dance & Music Installation

"Space Series 01 - Living Sculpture"

at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Creation, Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic, Joel Suarez Gomez

Music: William Garfield Walker

Photographie: Franck Christen

Supported by: Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel



Dance Production "Inroots"

Concept, Choreography: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Performance, Creation: 

Joel Suarez Gomez, Nozomi Chinju, Tetiana Miyus, Alberto Lovison, Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Original & Live Music: Alberto Lovison

Light Design: Alexis Großert 

Photography: Lucija Novak

Video, Editing: Simon Reithofer, Team Reithofer Media

Production: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Hosted by: Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik 

Supported by: Land Steiermark, Kultur, Europa & Außenbeziehungen


Statement for the EU project "Too Soon Too Late"

Solo Dance Installation "A Woman In Any Century" by Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Supported by the "Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel"



Short Dance Film "Timeless"


Filmed in Central Havana, Kuba, the 8th of Mai 2017.

Artistic director, producer: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Co -producer: Isael Cruz Mata Rojas

Performance:  Isael Mata, Miguel Alejandro Lopez Jorge, Alejandro Minoso Jimenez, Aldina Michelle Topcagic,

Contributor: Yamile Morales

Video Recording & photography; Juan Aristides Otamendi

Film & Film text: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Visual post-production: Simon Reithofer


Contemporary Dance Art Exhibition 

"Crossing Arts"

Producer, Concept, Director: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Dance Art Installation: Isael Cruz Mata, Jessica Moretto, Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Music Art Installation: Alberto Lovison, Lorenc Rosal Seijas

Location: Joanneumsring, Graz, Austria 

Date: 6th of October 2017

Supported by: "Land Steiermark, Kultur, Europa & Außenbeziehungen", "Stadt Graz Kultur", "Flanders State of Art"


Contemporary Dance Performance 

"Timeless in Space" in Havana

Producer, Concept: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Co-Producer: Isael Cruz Mata

Location: Fabrica de Arte Cubano 

Date: 28th of April 2017

In cooperation with the local contemporary dancers from Havana


Supported by: "Austrian Embassy Havana", "Bundeskanzleramt Kultur Österreich"


Contemporary Dance Performance 

"Timeless in Space" in Brussels

Producer, Concept: Art Alive, Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic, Ricardo Ambrozio

Photography: Lucija Novak

Location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Date: 5th of February 2017

Supported by: "Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel"


Contemporary Dance Performance 

"Zeitlos", co-project of "Timeless in Space" , Austria

Producer, Concept: Art Alive, Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic, Jessica Moretto

Museum Management: Michael Sladek

Photography: Lucija Novak

Location: Universalmuseum Joanneum Joanneumsviertel Graz

Date: 18th of December 2016

Supported by: "Land Steiermark, Kultur, Europa und Außenbeziehungen"

"Crossing Mediums - The Beginning" Teaser

Artistic Solo Dance Movement Music Film

at Goethe Institut Helsinki, Finland 

Producer and Director: Rigulio Graak

Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle

Composed Music: Sebastian Galassi

Director of Filming: Dan Öhman

Video Film Editor: Rigulio Graak

Date: 26th of October 2016

Contemporary Dance Performance

"Timeless in Space" in Helsinki, Finland

Creator, Dance Performance: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Producer: Rigulio Graak

Photography: Dan Mikael Öhman

Location: "Musiikkitalo" Music Center Helsinki

Filming: Rigulio Graak

Preview Video Trailer Editor: Aldina Michelle Topcagic

Date: 28th of October 2016

Supported by: "Österreichische Botschaft Helsinki"