Performative Dialogue
Displaced Rhythms


In frame of International Dance Day 2024, Art Alive collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, the Austrian Cultural Forum, and the Croatian Dancers Association creating a performative dialogue. Art Alive´s founder and performance artist Aldina Topcagic cooperates with soprano soloist Margareta Klobucar, tenor Ino Klasan, and cellist Vid Krpan to create a fusion of movement, singing, spoken word, and music. This symbiotic interplay resonates not only among the artists but also with museum visitors and the ambient surroundings. Their intervention heightens the audience's perception and stimulates their senses. 


The performance artist employs real-time performance, characterized by its live unfolding in the present moment, free from predetermined elements. This approach creates an interactive experience for museum visitors, involving improvisation and spontaneity, leading to a unique outcome. With no predetermined steps, the performer creates an environment of unpredictability, inviting viewers to be fully present and therefore opening up a space for reflection.


The artists open up resonating spaces, interwining movement, voice, musical expression, and spoken word, delving into themes of war, violence, peace, love, and faith - our realities, our deepest struggles and desires.


Director, Performance Artist: Aldina Topčagić

Soprano: Margareta Klobučar

Tenor: Ino Klasan

Violoncello: Vid Krpan


A collaboration between

Art Alive, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, Croatian Dancers Association.


The intervention took place as part of the installation of Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto, one of the major representatives of the Kinetic art movement.


Using the transformative power of art, we integrated movement, voice, music, and spoken word to engage museum visitors, heightening their sensory experience and fostering awareness of our shared realities. Our intervention addressed themes of war, violence, and other societal struggles, yet also conveyed messages of hope, dignity, and resilience.



"This performance was a breathtaking experience. One was fully immersed into this special and environment mixing performative, musical, and visual art. A real "complete artwork".  A unique performance!  The audience was completely immersed and captivated. It prompts reflection and skillfully combines a variety of art forms that appeal to different senses." Anna C.


"I really liked the performance. I think it fit into the environment wonderfully. For me, it was something new to experience this kind of performance in a museum among sculptures. This gave the sculptures and the performance a new dimension.

It was a pleasure to watch the performer and listen to the musicians!" Ivana S.


Rehearsal Excerpt: