"Timeless in Space"

"Timeless in Space" is a contemporary dance live installation, created by the dancer and choreographer Aldina Topcagic. 

Art Alive creates a unique performative dialog, which relates to the existing artwork in the museum. It is a transformation of material art (paints, sculptures, visual installations, etc.) into living art, through performance, dance, sound scape, and live music. It is highly important for the team to remain open and ever listening to what the space, the existing artwork inside and every layer of reality in the room are giving as a form of inspiration and creativity, instead of pursuing preconceived ideas on what is creative and original to them. 

The artists are a channel between the material artwork and each visitor. With their performance, they are increasing the perception of the visitors, while stimulating their senses of vision, hearing, smell, touch, balance, thermoception, sensuality and internal senses. Those are reaching out to the subconsciousness and the consciousness of each individual so that the visitor of the museum experiences artwork in a new dimension. The understanding and the impression of the artwork reaches a new level - this is achieved by activating the exteroceptive and interoceptive senses at the same time. The people in the space are not anymore only outstanding viewers, but they become an interactive part of the exhibited space and the artwork.




Previous and current destinations:

Graz, Austria - Berlin, Germany - Helsinki, Finland - Brussels, Belgium - Havana, Cuba 


"The energy starts from somewhere far away, flows through her body and keeps on floating out far, never stopping the flow, connecting everything... fascinating."  

by Klara Ronai, Graz Austria 2016

"The dancer of the Project "Timeless in Space", succeeds to wake up an Impression in myself as a spectator, which mainly lives by the contrast between the matter of space - the static part and the passionate but also graceful movements of the vulnerable warm body of the dancer. It wakes up the association how the dancing body is fullfiling the space with life."

by Dr. Irmgard Hülsemann, Berlin Germany 2016

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel

Österreich JOURNAL


"Timeless in Space" in Havana, Cuba

Fabrica de Arte Cubano

Producer, Artistc direction, Workshop, Dance Performance: Aldina Topcagic

Dance Performance, Workshop: Isael Cruz Mata Rojas

Photographer: Juani Aristides Otamendi, Editing: Kirstin Schmitt

Photographer: Larisa Lopez

Cinematographer: Carla Franco

Musician: Jose Angel

Dancers: Sandra Ramy, Laura Rios, Grettel Montes de Oca Valdes, Daniela Novoa, Mariel Ocanda, Beatriz Diaz, Luis Carricaburru, Gabriela Burdsall, Mario Jorge Varela Cruz, Alejandro Minoso Jiminez, Miguel Alejandro Lopez Jorge, Tamara Venereo Valcarcel, Andi Prieto, Victor Manuel Varela Cruz

Special thanks for production support goes to Sandra Ramy and Joel Suarez

Location: Fabrica de Arte Cubano

Date: 28th of April 2017

Post-production: The photographies will be presented at the Exhibition "Crossing Arts" in Austria

Kindly supported by the "Österreichische Botschaft in Havanna" and "Bundeskanzleramt Kunst und Kultur"

Official announcement: http://www.fac.cu/categories/5

Video Trailer: 


"Timeless in Space" in Brussels, Belgium

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium


Contemporary Dance Performance 

"Timeless in Space" in Brussels, Belgium

Producer, Concept: Art Alive 

Photography: Lucija Novak

Location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Date: 5th of February 2017

Supported by: Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel

Post-Production: Photographies will be presented at the exhibition "Crossing Arts" in 2017

Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4-oeijiUYM

Official announcement:

Österreichisches Tages-Journal:


Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel:


Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium:




"Timeless in Space" in Graz, Austria

Universalmuseum Joanneum Joanneumsviertel Graz

Contemporary Dance Performance 

"Zeitlos", co-project of "Timeless in Space" , Austria

Producer, Concept: Art Alive

Dance Performance: Aldina Topcagic, Jessica Moretto

Museum Management: Michael Sladek

Photography: Lucija Novak

Location: Universalmuseum Joanneum Joanneumsviertel Graz

Date: 18th of December 2016

Supported by: Land Steiermark, Europa, Kultur und Außenbeziehungen

Post-Production: Photographies will be presented at the exhibition "Crossing Arts" in 2017



"Timeless in Space" in Helsinki, Finland

Musiikkitalo Music Center Helsinki

  Contemporary Dance Performance

"Timeless in Space" in Helsinki, Finland

Date: 28th of October 2016

Creator, Dance Performance: Aldina Topcagic

Producer: Rigulio Graak

Photography: Dan Mikael Öhman

Location: "Musiikkitalo" Music Center Helsinki

Filming: Rigulio Graak

Supported by: Austrian Ambassy Helsinki, Musiikkitalo, Laavu Filmi

Unpublished photographies will be presented at the exhibition "Crossing Arts" in 2017


"Timeless in Space" in Berlin, Germany

LemoArt Gallerie

Contemporary Dance Performance

"Timeless in Space" in Berlin, Germany

Date: 3th of July 2016 

Dance Performance: Aldina Topcagic, Claudia Iglesias Ungo

Photography: Rigulio Graak

Location: LemoArt Gallerie Berlin

Exhibition: "Alternate Universe" by Rigulio Graak

Post-Production: Post-Production: Photographies will be presented at the exhibition "Crossing Arts" in 2017


"Timeless in Space" in Graz, Austria

Universalmuseum Joanneum Kunsthaus Graz

Contemporary Dance Performance

"Timeless in Space" solo premier in Graz, Austria

Producer, Concept: Art Alive

Dance Performance: Aldina Topcagic

Make up Artist: Melanie Pöppl

Photography: Andrea Copony

Location: Universalmuseum Joanneum Kunsthaus Graz

Date: 16th of March 2016

Post-Production: Publishing the photographies at the exhibition "Crossing Arts"